Diane King Joins December 2010 GCC Mission to Kalavai, India
Matthew 25:40 "Truly I say unto you, inasmuch as you have done it for the least of these my brethren, you have done it for me."
Senior Pastor Mark Beeson & wife Sheila
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by GCC to improve the lives of the "untouchables" of India - one village at a time. GCC has been sending mission groups over to India about every three months for several years. The progress they have already made is nothing short of astounding.
My role with GCC's "December India Team" will be working with the Health & Wellness group. As a part of this team I will be visiting the Kalavai villagers in their homes, making a record of each family member's health history, and instructing them on sanitation, hygiene and things of that nature.
Kalavai, India is in an area of the world where life's fundamental needs, ie, clean water, shelter, & food are desperately lacking. The people living in this village are at such low status in the Indian culture, they're actually below the lowest level in the caste system.
Each volunteer must pay $3,000 to GCC to cover the cost of their own round trip airfare plus associated travel and in-country expenses. I would greatly appreciate any donation you could make to help pay these expenses for my volunteer mission. Every dollar makes a difference, and all donations are fully tax deductible.
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Please feel free to forward this link to anyone who may be interested. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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hank you for stopping by. My name is Diane King and on December 27, 2010 I will join Granger Community
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They are called the "untouchables," considered so impure that they contaminate people from the four castes simply by touching them or by having their shadow fall on them. Since the culture of India does not allow individuals to change the status they were born into, their world is one literally without hope of improvement.
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Church (GCC) on a mission trip to the Tamil Nadu region of India. This trip is part of an on-going mission effort
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